10 Ways to Be Happier At Work

  • david mchel

  • Jan 26, 2022

How frequently do you consider quitting your job because you believe you are not being compensated adequately for your passion and contribution to your organization?

Happiness at work and contentment are subjective ideas, while monetary rewards can be associated with job satisfaction for some. Others may desire recognition of their efforts and get demotivated when they do not receive it.

A 2015 study by the University of Warwick, in the UK, found that happy workers are up to 12% more productive than unhappy workers. They are more likely to be in good health, have good work and personal relationships, and be more beneficial to the organization as a whole.

Why is Happiness At Work Is Important?

Until a few decades ago, people didn’t think about how happy they were at work. It’s because, in the last few years, we have seen a lot of big changes in the industrial sector. We now work in jobs that didn’t even exist 20 years ago. In the 40s and 50s, who would have thought of jobs like Social Media Manager, and SEO Expert, and how they would have been used?

With so many complicated tasks to choose from, it’s important that we can get real happiness out of the work we do. Employees who are happy are a must for growing business.

A study found that people who are happy at work are 65% more energetic than people who do not feel happy at work. They are two times more productive and more likely to keep their jobs for a long time. 

10 Ways to Find Real Happiness At Work 

Happiness is a very personal experience. It is perceptive that people are more likely to be happy when they have people who are happy around them. 

It’s not always about what you do and how you think about your job that makes you happy at work. A lot of factors impact how well you do at work, like your personality, how you interact with others, how well you deal with stress, and so on. 

1. Keep Your Workspace Clean 

Perhaps “a messy desk means a messy mind.” Getting creative with your workspace can make you feel more excited and give your mind a break. It helps you stay focused and is a great way to feel good at work every day. 

2. Incorporate Mindfulness Meditation 

No, mindfulness meditation is not a buzzword. It’s also not a concept that is too overrated. But it’s true: the benefits of mindfulness meditation have been shown and proven to be real and effective. A study at Harvard University suggests that people who practice mindfulness meditation before and after work feel more connected to and stable at work. 

​​According to a study, mindfulness meditation is directly connected with enhanced happiness. The study suggests that meditation at the workplace reduces anxiety and depressive symptoms. Moreover, mindfulness meditation also increases the sense of purpose in life. 

3. Opt for Yoga/Exercise 

A 15- 20 minute workout or yoga session every day makes the body more energetic and flushes out the toxins that make individuals tired. Walking, swimming, practicing yoga poses, or doing anything else that gets individuals moving is beneficial. Individuals can be more proactive at work, have more energy to give it their best shot, and feel better at what they are doing.  

4. Make Use of Constructive Feedback 

There are a lot of things that can predict how happy people are at work and how satisfied they are with their jobs. Studies have shown that supervisors who give their employees feedback and praise them are more likely to have a happy team. Additionally, it is important to take and give feedback as soon as the job is done. 

5. Dwell at One Thing At a Time – Stay Aware of Present Moment 

There are a lot of people who say that multitasking “wastes more time” and can make people less happy at different jobs. Therefore, when you are doing a lot of different things at the same time, it’s almost impossible to pay attention to each one equally, which leads to distractions. 

To avoid this, individuals must put the most important task at the top of their to-do list and work on them first. There are multiple applications that can be used to stay track of tasks that individuals can incorporate. 

6. Help Around- Be Kind 

A lot of research has shown that people who are altruistic at work are more likely to be satisfied and happy at work. Well, we can’t compare how happy we are when we help other people to anything else in the world. It gives us a sense of power, improves our wisdom, and makes us feel more connected to the group. 

Simple acts of kindness, expression of gratitude, and offering support to colleagues in times of need can make us feel a lot better about ourselves and make us happier at work. 

7. Better Communication Skills  

Evidence has proved that individuals can voluntarily choose responses that can make them happy at work. Mindfulness, gratitude, and good communication can help employees deal with stress and move closer to their goals. 

8. Personal Development Skills 

Personal development is critical to one’s happiness at work. Multiple evidence suggests that a boost in personal development skills increases the level of happiness in individuals. 

9. Effective Time Management 

In order to have a good work-life, individuals need to be able to make the most of their time. Happy people are always ahead of their game when it comes to flexible schedules. Early to bed and early to rise may be an old term, but it is still relevant in the advancing and digital world. 

10. Start the Day at a Good Note 

The first thing you should do in the morning is gathering your thoughts and think about what you want to do that day. Be aware of your thoughts and look at them with a non-judgmental mindset. It will help you overcome everyday struggles and challenges. 


Being happy is critical at all levels. For some, having a congenial work atmosphere is a necessary condition for experiencing joy. Whatever the standards, contentment with our professions is critical for achieving a healthy ‘work-life’ balance. There are multiple courses that can be opted to understand the basics of meditation and yoga. Individuals can opt for them and enjoy their true essence. 

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