How Organizing Your Thoughts can Boost Your Productivity?

  • josephthms

  • Feb 21, 2022

Lack of organizational skills is troublesome for anybody looking to boost their productivity levels. It is because productivity and organization go hand in hand. Besides lack of organization has serious consequences. For instance, low productivity, more stress, and less problem-solving. Moreover, it negatively impacts mental and physical health.

Having organization in your thoughts enables one to enjoy life more fully and give their best performance at work. When we get to know the importance and benefits of something for ourselves, we feel motivated to implement it in our lives.

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Importance of Organizing the Thoughts

The importance of organizing your thoughts can be understood by its benefits. There are numerous benefits of organizing the mind. For example, it minimizes stress, improves sleep quality, boosts productivity, and enhances relationship quality.

The organization of the environment shows the organization of the mind. When an individual becomes conscious about organizing their surroundings and their thoughts, they are able to find their things easily whenever required. It means that they do not need to search every nook and cranny to find their wallet, ballpoint, or wire extension. As a result, it significantly reduces stress.

How does organizing the mind reduce stress and boost sleep quality? Imagine a situation where you went to bed but could not sleep even after an hour of lying in bed. Your racing thoughts made it impossible to have a good night’s sleep. In this situation, it is crucial to organize your thoughts before going to bed. There are different ways mentioned below that can help with it. Moreover, meditation is one of the best ways that is also recommended by experts. Only a ten-minute meditation exercise has the potential to make a good night’s sleep possible. According to Science Daily research news, it was found that just ten minutes of meditation improved focus, and reduced continuous negative thoughts in participants.

It is now clear that when individuals get good quality of sleep and live with low-stress levels, they are able to experience a significant rise in productivity levels. It also means better motivation levels, and possibly promotion.

Organizing the thoughts improves relationship quality. How does it happen? It is possible because when an individual is able to manage their wild and racing thoughts, they are able to stay calm and less likely to behave inappropriately. It means that they will have the capacity to listen to others and understand their point of view. They will also avoid yelling at others. When people feel valued and appreciated in these ways, it is no wonder that the quality of connection increases greatly.

Ways to Organize Your Thoughts

  • Practice mind maps: Making mind maps is an excellent way to organize the mind. It is frequently recommended by experts because of the ease of connection building that it provides between pieces of information. Usually, the main idea is drawn at the center, and the relevant ideas branch out of it. A mistake that beginners can make is writing full sentences and connecting them to the main idea. It defeats the purpose of mind maps. Use short sentences, abbreviations, and acronyms to establish connections with the main idea.
  • Use pie chart: Pie charts are vital for organizing the mind because they visually present large pieces of data in a well-structured format. The visual information engages the right brain. Since the right brain in humans is responsible for the processing of visual information, pie charts can turn out to be effective in engaging the creative side of the brain and organizing your thoughts.
  • Do note-taking: Note-taking involves the use of hands, which strengthens hand-eye coordination. It has several benefits – one of which is freeing the working memory. Having free working memory enables one to process new information easily.Sometimes note-taking involves lists and categories. They are in harmony with the functioning of the brain. It means that our brain likes things in an organized and categorical way. As a consequence, note-taking is very helpful for our purpose.
  • Make use of journaling: Journaling is extremely important for organizing the mind as it provides a way to express oneself freely. Imagine that you are stressed about something and want to express your concerns without the fear of judgment. Journaling is the perfect solution to the problem. It will not only reduce stress but also clear the mind (i.e. organize the thoughts).
  • Practice self-care: There are times when you feel highly triggered and disturbed by something. It becomes a problem when it starts reducing productivity and organization of the mind. Practicing self-care is about taking care of your mental, physical and emotional needs. It is because when your needs are not met, they keep signaling the mind to fulfill them. It can be distracting so one should take care of their needs as soon as possible.
  • Emotional Management: Emotional management plays a critical role in organizing the mind because it motivates one to develop emotional awareness. Sometimes it happens that we ignore our emotional needs due to busy schedules or other priorities. But our emotional needs do not care about our fast-paced world and busy schedules. In such cases, it becomes important to identify our  emotions and needs linked with them. For example, sadness highlights the need to slow down and seek social support, and fear motivates one to look for safety quickly.

Final Thoughts

Organizing your thoughts has so much importance that it cannot be ignored at all. It has significance for mental, physical, and emotional health. Furthermore, there are numerous strategies that can help you organize your thoughts. They encourage you to practice mind maps, use pie charts, take notes, do journaling, and take care of yourself. Fortunately, there are courses available that can help anyone organize their mind. 

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