Anger Management for Self-Improvement

Anger Management for Self-Improvement

A major focus of the course involves addressing the techniques

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Course Description

A major focus of the course involves addressing the techniques to handle resentful emotions in a controlled manner. If you struggle to keep calm in situations and this strains your relationships or professionalism, Noblero’s anger management course is the ideal solution. This course covers the primary reasons and the reactions originating due to anger. It also provides you with the guidance you need to abstain from submitting to anger.

Noblero is here to help you with all the issues related to anger and guide you with ways to overcome this weakness.

Why Do You Need This Course?

Noblero’s anger management course covers every aspect related to anger management and control over other related emotions. Instead of being embarrassed and humiliated due to your impulsive actions, why not opt for a course that will enable you to overcome this emotion?

Noblero offers a series of worksheets and therapies that enable you to take control over your mind and put out the fire inside you in the case of unpleasant events. It’s time to change your life with a comprehensive course full of practical solutions for enabling you to escape the trap of anger.

This course comprises more than forty classes that are formulated to help you clearly understand the key aspects of annoyance and anger management. Noblero’s course empowers you with the ability to deal with situations where your patience is really put to the test.

The course also covers all the reasons that trigger the emotions like anger and rage. It discusses the ill effects of impulsive actions as a result of getting angry, consequently motivating you to incorporate anger management exercises in your daily routine.

Highlighting the strategies used to control anger, the course also covers the ways anger management helps to overcome mental issues like depression and anxiety.

Course Contents and Overview

Noblero’s meditation course comprises more than 50 lectures and is designed to encourage you to exercise meditation in your daily routine.

Video clips are included as a part of each course to assist you with steps that you find difficult to practice.

Step 1–

Introduction and advantages of meditation. Further steps and subtypes of meditation practices.

Step 2–

In this step, we get started with a ten-minute meditation practice. Although this will be an easy step, you’ll find the motivation to go beyond your expectations.

Step 3–

In addition to a test called the 8-limbs of traditional yoga, this step includes methods to test meditation practices that can help you understand the reason for your existence.

Step 4–

This step will enable you to feel inner satisfaction and peace, making it easier for you to incorporate meditation practices into your routine.

Step 5–

With several methods to guide you, meditation practices will enable you to control your emotions and unlock your true potential.

Step 6–

You’ve made it! – Now you have the confidence to tackle life’s challenges with confidence.

Step 7–

This section will guide you about additional supplements that you’ll need along the way to find inner peace.

Key Takeaways From this Course

  • Learn how the anger emotion originates
  • Understand the three types of anger
  • Discover how to avoid getting angry
  • Prioritizing success over stress
  • Learn healthy habits
  • Time management

Who is this Course for?

This course is aimed at those individuals who struggle to manage their anger and maintain healthy relationships.

Topics for this course

36 Lessons

Welcome To The Course

“Thank you” and “Welcome” To This Course!00:04:30
Two Frameworks Of Understanding – BEL and OAR Models00:06:15
[Activity] Congratulations & Action Steps00:02:28

Not Just “Anger” But Annoyance, Irritability, Rage, Fury And More…

Classifying Anger And The “Ladder Of Violence”

Invite Anger Into Your Life By Stepping Into AND Out Of Anger…

Videos From”Master Emotions; Declare Happiness And Satisfaction In Life”

Conclusion To “Anger Management” And Your Next Steps

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