Take Control of Your Emotions

Take Control of Your Emotions

Tired of emotional distress and anxiety? Then you have come to the right place.

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Course Description

Tired of emotional distress and anxiety? Then you have come to the right place. The days are over when anxiety took over your emotions and became a hurdle to your success. Noblero’s detailed mindfulness course elaborates the steps you should take in order to improve your emotional state. Following the practices mentioned in this course, you will experience positive changes in your daily tasks. Become a better decision maker by utilizing maximum emotional intelligence.

In this course, you will get detailed insights into mindfulness practices that will help you understand your emotions and control them to effectively transform the way you interact with others.

Why Do You Need This Course?

In this course, you will learn the techniques of mindfulness to effectively master your emotions and expectations.

Emotional Intelligence

Taking control of your emotions helps you make intelligent decisions and maintain your composure even in the most unpleasant situations. Confidence and control over one’s emotions are major plus points in both professional and personal life. It also motivates you to adopt such practices by disclosing the advantages of confidence and self-sufficiency. You might have encountered certain scenarios in your relationships or at your workplace where you could not take it anymore. Noblero’s course empowers you with emotional intelligence to tackle every situation effectively, leading to a successful career.

Behavioral Control

Control over how you react to a given situation may sound like something very difficult to achieve. However, that will not be the case when you take Noblero’s mindfulness course. Mastering emotional intelligence begins with an understanding of basic concepts and how every emotion gives way to particular reactions. Instead of reacting impulsively in unfavorable situations, you will know how to keep calm and handle it in a sensible way. People who do not have control over their emotions often suffer due to a bad reputation. Here’s your chance to boost your confidence with the right techniques to gain full emotional control.

Course Contents and Overview

Noblero’s meditation course comprises more than 50 lectures and is designed to encourage you to exercise meditation in your daily routine.

Video clips are included as a part of each course to assist you with steps that you find difficult to practice.

Step 1–

Introduction and advantages of meditation. Further steps and subtypes of meditation practices.

Step 2–

In this step, we get started with a ten-minute meditation practice. Although this will be an easy step, you’ll find the motivation to go beyond your expectations.

Step 3–

In addition to a test called the 8-limbs of traditional yoga, this step includes methods to test meditation practices that can help you understand the reason for your existence.

Step 4–

This step will enable you to feel inner satisfaction and peace, making it easier for you to incorporate meditation practices into your routine.

Step 5–

This step will enable you to feel inner satisfaction and peace, making it easier for you to incorporate meditation practices into your routine.

Step 6–

You’ve made it! – Now you have the confidence to tackle life’s challenges with confidence.

Step 7–

This section will guide you about additional supplements that you’ll need along the way to find inner peace.

Key Takeaways From this Course

  • Understand the fundamentals of every feeling and how it affects you
  • Learn how to attain emotional stability
  • Learn how to master feelings for productive conversations
  • Learn the difference between moods and emotions
  • Understand O-A-R models in Ontological training
  • Learn techniques to make your conversation effective

Who is this Course for?

This course is aimed at those individuals who struggle to make effective conversations and are unable to handle their tasks with confidence.

Topics for this course

52 Lessons

Welcome To The Course!

“Thank You” And “Welcome” To This Course!00:03:02
My Personal Story About Emotional Intelligence And Emotion Mastery00:04:47
My Promise To You As A Coach And Instructor In This Course00:01:27
Two Frameworks Of Understanding – BEL and OAR Models00:04:24
Potential Hurdles / Limiting Beliefs That Can Prevent You From Learning00:03:53
[Activity] Congratulations & Action Steps00:02:34

Before You Begin – A Brief Introduction To Emotions

Getting To Know Yourself – Part 1 – Your Emotional Inheritances

Getting To Know Yourself – Part 2 – Moods And Their Influence

Bust A Move – Learning To Give Yourself A Break From Mental “Chatter”

Declarations And How To Bring Joy And Satisfaction Into Your Life 5 lectures • 19min

Approaching Resentment & Resignation With Lightness And Curiosity

Looking Ahead To Create A Satisfactory And Joyous “Hoped For” Future

Life Is Meant To Be Lived Joyously… Stepping Lightly And In Joy

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