Refund Policy

Refund Policy

We provide a two-month return policy. We’re afraid we can’t offer you a refund if it’s been more than two months since your purchase, but we can offer you an exchange. An intact digital access code is required to receive a refund or replacement.


After we get your return application, we’ll send you an email to let you know that it has been received. It is our obligation to tell you whether or not your return has been approved or rejected. Upon approval, a refund will be given and reimbursed to your bank account or the original payment method within a number of business working days.  

Late or non-existent refunds

If you haven’t already received a reimbursement, check with your bank. The refund may not appear on your account for a few days, so be sure to check with your credit card company. The next step is to talk to your bank. An amount of transfer processing normally occurs before reimbursement may be provided. To get in touch with us if you haven’t received your refund after following all of the procedures above, please use the contact information provided on this page.


If a digital code is damaged or faulty, we will replace it. Please send us an email if you need to exchange it for another of the same kind. We will get right on it.

Gift Certificate

If the product was specified as a gift when it was ordered and mailed out, you’ll receive a gift certificate for the value of your return after the returned item is received unsed. We’ll pay the giver if the item wasn’t identified as a gift when it was ordered or if the gift provider had the order forwarded to them so they could deliver it to you right away.   Students should contact *website name* support by writing at *email address* as soon as possible, stating their reasons for withdrawing from the course and providing documentation to back up their claims.