Meditation for Manifesting Abundance: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

  • Noblero

  • Feb 10, 2022

We all desire abundance and affluence in life. Some people want abundance in money whereas others want abundance in health. Similarly, some people want abundance in relationships while others seek abundance and multitude in their careers. All of these desires and motivations are valid. 

On the other hand, a lack of abundance has grave consequences for an individual. For instance, it can decrease problem-solving ability, decision-making skills, and clarity of mind. Moreover, it eventually impacts emotional and physical health. 

What is Meditation for Abundance?

Generally speaking, meditation is a way to train the mind to focus on something. It results in more self-awareness, better focus, concentration, and general health. 

In this context, meditation for abundance means that it helps align oneself towards attracting abundance and playfulness in life. As mentioned above, it can be in any area of life such as relationships, wealth, and health. In other words, it is also known as abundance meditation.

Why is Abundance Meditation Important?

Abundance meditation has significance for an individual because of its several benefits. For example, it can:

  • Increase gratitude
  • Decrease anxiety and rumination
  • Attract wealth
  • Boost inner peace
  • Promote creativity

How does Abundance Meditation Attract Wealth?

When an individual focuses on the goodness in life during a meditation session, they see the world through that mindset even after the meditation session ends. Attracting wealth in life through meditation means that the person trains their focus to avail financial opportunities. It can create a strong desire to learn about finances, investing, saving, and assets. Abundance meditation can significantly help in dealing with unproductive thoughts and habits about money and ass. One might have learned those maladaptive beliefs and habits from their parents. Therefore, to draw wealth in life, abundance meditation is a great strategy to eradicate unhealthy thought patterns. 

Does Abundance Meditation Manifest Health? 

People have different priorities in life regarding abundance. Some people want abundance in finances whereas others look for playfulness in health. 

In this background, abundance meditation empowers a person to take care of their health timely. If somebody has unhealthy beliefs such as “I am doomed because my parents had diabetes (now I have it) and no amount of effort can change that”. The abundance of meditation for attracting health can considerably help in tackling such unproductive thinking patterns. In reality, one learns these unhelpful patterns from their environment and it can take time to unlearn all of them. Thus, one should have patience during the learning process. The abundance meditation sessions can help one realize the actions and precautions that are within one’s control. For example, controlling the sugar intake, taking insulin regularly and on time, and visiting the doctor regularly. 

Abundance Meditation Increases The Quality of Relationships

Meditation has been known to improve the quality of relationships. According to the research published in Springer, it was found that parents who had a habit of mindfulness meditation practiced more positive and healthy parenting practices. Therefore, there was a better parent-child relationship. The research has also highlighted the factors behind the good quality of relationships. For instance, more compassion, lesser aggression (shouting and forcing), and higher levels of awareness. The same insights can also be understood within the context of abundance meditation. If mindfulness meditation can improve the quality of the relationship between parents and children, so can abundance meditation. 

The meditation for abundance can also aid married and newlywed couples with their relationship issues. It can empower them to get out of their comfort zones. It means that the couples might be facing a communication gap or talking with each other in unhealthy ways. The destructive patterns of communication are criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling. The meditation for abundance can help the individuals pinpoint the issue and work on it together. Of course, working on the issues requires new learning which is why leaving the comfort zone is crucial. As a result, meditation for abundance can increase relationship quality.

Abundance Meditation for Boosting Happiness

Everyone wants more happiness and contentment in life and it also happens that during the pursuit of happiness people ruin their lives. It is because they might use unhealthy ways to increase happiness in their lives such as drugs. Meditation for abundance nurtures an attitude of gratitude and enables one to see the bright side of life. Consequently, happiness levels grow greatly through abundance meditation.

Guided Meditation for Manifesting Abundance

According to Kyle Greenfield, abundance is within you and it is the basis of all the experiences we have in the world. 

  • Sit down on a chair or the floor in a relaxed position. Now, take a deep breath. Notice the breathing pattern of the air going in through the nose and coming out of the mouth. The purpose is to calm down the mind and the body. 
  • Now, keep breathing and maintain the relaxation. It is now a good time to think about the causes behind your financial/ health/relationship issues. The aim here is to think about the causes from the perspective of problem-solving and not to increase anxiety.
  • After this, shift your thinking towards solutions to the problems and take a mental note of each. Do not let all of it impact your breathing because it influences the movement of the diaphragm in the abdomen. 
  • The diaphragm movement impacts the cortisol levels in the body. We know that high cortisol levels mean a high-stress level. It results in cloudy thinking, poor decision-making, and problem-solving ability. In view of all of this, it becomes imperative to have a good command of the breathing exercise. 
  • Imagine the positivity and abundance coming into your life and firmly believe in it. When you are done figuring out the solutions to the problems, you can end the abundance meditation session gradually. 

Note: The duration of the session can vary from individual to individual. Therefore, one can take 15-20 minutes whereas someone else can take 30 to 60 minutes for their meditation session. Do your best and not compare yourself with others. 


Our universe has so much abundance and plenitude that it only requires the correct mindset to benefit from it. Fortunately, meditation for abundance empowers people to greatly benefit from all of it. Its numerous benefits include increased gratitude, reduced anxiety, upgraded wealth, inner peace, and creativity. Several courses offered by Noblero can help any individual to manifest abundance in their lives.

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