Control Anger Issues Before You Lose the One You Care For

  • josephthms

  • Feb 21, 2022

Mismanaged anger is a serious problem because it negatively impacts a person’s personal and professional life. It means that the person suffers mentally, physically, and emotionally. According to the screening done at the Mental Health America platform, it was found that 71% of the people felt irritation or annoyance almost every day. Furthermore, 82% felt intense irritation that they became aggressive. The consequences of poorly managed anger include high anxiety levels, blood pressure, and frequent headaches. The individual also experiences poor decision-making and low productivity.

Anger is a normal human emotion. So, it is a universal feeling. If it is managed effectively, it can be highly motivating. It means that it can help the individual break free from stagnation and internal fears. Other benefits of anger management include an increase in emotional intelligence, clarity of mind, and more positive emotions. Moreover, it can improve the quality of relationships and life satisfaction. Those who want to improve their anger management skills can use the following strategies and reap the benefits.

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Thinking before Speaking

It is about engaging the rational mind and avoiding reacting to events and people. It is about saving yourself from regret. You just need to take a deep breath and let yourself feel relaxed. You should also remove yourself from the situation to practice the above strategy successfully.

Stay Calm and Then Express

Staying calm and expressing your needs is the proper way to deal with the situation. It is a responsible way to deal with the matter rather than yelling and shouting. It is an approach that does not violate the rights of others as well as oneself. Simply put, it is an invitation to be assertive. One should keep in mind that assertiveness takes practice which is why one should be patient and gentle with oneself.

Engage in Physical Activity

Oftentimes, there is mismanaged stress behind an angry outburst. It means that if somebody takes care of the high-stress levels, they can easily take control of their anger. Research has also shown the benefits of physical activity for managing high-stress levels. The aerobic exercise not only facilitated emotional regulation but also improved emotional flexibility in the participants.

Schedule Breaks

Scheduling breaks is about giving yourself time to refresh your low energy levels and focus. It is important because there are times when one feels exhausted and feel the impulse to lash out at others. Taking regular small breaks throughout the day helps with self-management and controlling anger effectively. In other words, it can be understood as the Pomodoro technique. More benefits of the technique are better management of distractions, more accountability, and better planning skills.

Use Your Problem Solving Skills

Uncontrolled anger is a problem so one should focus on solving the problem rather than exacerbating it. It will not only enhance your problem-solving skills but also improve your self-confidence. For example, your child messed up the room and it was irritating for you (a problem). You stopped yourself from a mindless reaction (i.e. shouting) and tried to tackle the situation maturely. It means that you talked to the child and helped with organizing the room. Therefore, your problem solving increased and the kid learned something new.

Additional Tips- Meditation & Yoga

We know that meditation is about enhancing self-awareness, improving focus, and increasing emotional control. It happens because meditation exercises encourage individuals to train their focus and develop a non-judgmental point of view. The non-judgmental point of view nurtures compassion, kindness, and gratitude. As a result, the practitioners feel more positive emotions and less anger. 

According to the research published in NCBI, it was found that mindfulness meditation improved the rumination linked with angry feelings. Furthermore, in research published in the Journal of Applied Biobehavioral Research, it was found that even a 5-minute session of mindfulness meditation had a positive impact on heart health. 

How Yoga Can Help?

Yoga is another highly recommended way to control anger. Commonly, yoga exercises are known to create harmony between your mind, body, and soul. No doubt, yoga practices can empower an individual to control their anger well. It is possible because yoga practices involve physical movements and breathing exercises. There are different poses of yoga that can help with anger management. 

  • Child’s pose: It is a kind of pose that relaxes the mind and body thoroughly. As a result, it improves the connection between them.
  • Fish pose: It is another position of yoga that helps with anger control effectively. In this pose, the participant sits with crossed legs and leans back completely making the spine arched.
  • Easy pose: In technical terms, it is known as Sukhasana. It not only improves concentration but also relaxes the mind and the body.
  • Shoulder-stand pose: It is a kind of position that is very effective in stabilizing the nervous system. It improves flexibility as well as strength in the body.
  • Corpse pose: It is the simplest kind of pose that is extremely relaxing and reduces the intensity of anger well. After doing a yoga session with complex movements, individuals can use the position to end their session. It will help them carry the benefits of yoga throughout their day.

According to Joe Rogan, yoga is an effective exercise that helps in achieving different levels of consciousness. It is more than physical stretching. People who consider it body stretching have not done it enough yet or they have not done it with the right level of intensity. Therefore, it is an extremely beneficial form of meditation for human beings.

Final Remarks

Controlling anger takes effort but it is entirely possible. Some of the strategies that individuals can employ are thinking before speaking, staying calm, and then expressing themselves. Additionally, people can engage in light exercise, schedule breaks, and use their problem-solving skills. Meditation is an excellent way to manage anger and it also takes consistent effort. Fortunately, the emotional benefits of meditation exercises are backed up by scientific research. There are courses available online on the platform of Noblero that can help with emotional regulation

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